An evaporative cooling system is simply the most cost effective and quietest way to cool your home. Evaporative air conditioners cool by natures’ very own method of evaporation and can be likened to a sea breeze. Evaporative air conditioning is ideally suited to the dry climate of the southern states of Australia and will provide comfortable conditions in most areas. Evaporative air conditioners are very suited to the Australian indoor / outdoor lifestyle.

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By far the most cost effective, energy efficient way to get relief from the summer heat, evaporative cooling systems harness nature’s own processes to cool your home or business.

Like a fresh Sea Breeze, outside air is drawn in through a ‘water-curtain’ cleaning and cooling the air before distributing it throughout the space with flexi-ducts and ceiling or wall outlets, displacing the hot air out through open windows. Don’t worry, a relief vent can be fitted so that you can keep your home secure at night.

And you’ll be amazed when you see just how little it costs to run, when compared to other types of air conditioning.

Evaporative cooling totally replaces the air in your home up to 35 times, every hour, eliminating dust, pollens and other allergens, as well as cooking smells and pet odours.


Energy Efficient

At Midland Solar and Air we realise air conditioning can have a big impact on your energy bills, so we’re continually striving to design more energy efficient solutions for your home or office.

5 Year Warranty

We stand by our product. The Bonaire & Celair Warranty applies to all evaporative air conditioning systems professionally installed by Midland Solar and Air in domestic premises in Australia, so when you choose a us, you do so with confidence.


Totally natural, a better choice for allergy sufferers as the saturated filter pads help reduce dust, pollen and pollutants.